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Say Hello To Your Gluten Free Buddy

 Find gluten free foods has never been easier. We care about making a gluten free diet s enjoyable as possible giving you a range of delicious options to chose from.

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Our Journey

Our journey began when our founder was diagnosed with Coeliac disease in 2021. Since then, she’s struggled with the diagnosis because finding replacements for all the foods she loves proved to be challenging.


Not only are the gluten free options few and far between, but the diet is still very much a niche. Many big supermarkets have very few options for people who want gluten free food.


She found this to be an injustice and wanted to make it easier for people following a gluten free diet to access great food. This led to the creation of Glufree.


We want to support you because we’ve seen and heard stories from people who’ve had to make their own path in their gluten free journey. They’ve talked about how lonely and isolated it feels when they are going through this by themselves.


We never want anyone to feel this way, we want to create a community for everyone who follows a gluten free diet so that they know that they’re not alone.

Our Founder

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Unmissable Gluten Free Finds

GluFree is your new Gluten Free buddy. Following a gluten free diet can feel intimidating and overwhelming, especially at the start.


But with Glufree you have a range of foods available that you know are safe so you can shop without the worry. GluFree Approved are gluten free products that are a close replacement to the real thing. You’re sure to love them as much as we do.


Check out our membership page to find out how you can gain access to exclusive discounts and recipes.

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Brand Ethos

Our brand ethos is to create a safe environment for people who follow a gluten free diet to learn about and gain access to delicious foods that is safe for consumption. We never want you to feel alone with your gluten free diet.

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A family sized serving of barbecued tofu and mushrooms, accompanied by pickled vegetables,


GluFree uses creativity to combine amazing ingredients into meals and snacks that you can enjoy. We operate from our London office and serve customers throughout the UK.


If you have any enquiries, email your question to

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